Understanding the “Duck” in Cricket: Meaning in Hindi

In the world of cricket, there are many terms and phrases that may seem confusing to those who are not familiar with the sport. One such term is “duck,” which is often used to describe a player’s score in a cricket match. In Hindi, “duck” is known as “बत्तिया” (battiya).

So, what exactly does “duck” mean in cricket? A player is said to have scored a duck when they are dismissed without scoring any runs. This means that their score is zero, likening their score to the shape of a duck’s egg. In Hindi, it can be understood as खाली (khali) or zero in cricket.

Scoring a duck in cricket is often seen as a disappointment for the player, as they were unable to contribute any runs to their team’s total. However, it is important to remember that even the best players can score a duck from time to time.

Next time you hear someone mention a player scoring a duck in a cricket match, you will now know that it means they have been dismissed without scoring any runs. And if you ever come across the term “duck” in Hindi, you can think of it as “बत्तिया” (battiya) or zero in cricket scoring.

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