Who Will Lead Bangladesh Cricket in 2022? Meet the Top Contenders for the Coaching Role


With a new year comes new opportunities for Bangladesh cricket, and one of the most crucial decisions facing the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is who will lead the national team as head coach in 2022. The role of the head coach is a pivotal one, responsible for strategizing, managing players, and steering the team towards success in international competitions.

Several names have emerged as top contenders for the Bangladesh cricket coach position in 2022. Among them is former Australian cricketer and current coach of a domestic team, Michael Hussey. Known for his tactical acumen and experience at the highest levels of the game, Hussey could bring a fresh perspective to the Bangladesh team.

Another prominent candidate is current Bangladesh under-19 coach Nafees Iqbal. As a former international cricketer himself, Iqbal has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Bangladeshi players and could provide valuable insights to the senior team.

Other potential contenders include former South African cricketer and current cricket commentator Herschelle Gibbs, as well as Bangladesh’s own former captain and current cricket analyst Shakib Al Hasan. Both Gibbs and Shakib bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the game, making them strong candidates for the coaching role.

Whoever ultimately takes on the position of Bangladesh cricket coach in 2022 will face the challenge of molding a talented but relatively young team into a competitive force on the international stage. With the right leader at the helm, Bangladesh cricket could be poised for a successful year ahead.

In the coming weeks, the BCB is expected to announce its decision on the new head coach, and fans eagerly await the appointment of the individual who will guide Bangladesh cricket into a new era of success. Stay tuned as the search for the Bangladesh cricket coach of 2022 continues to unfold.

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