Assam Premier League Cricket 2023 Schedule

Assam Premier League Cricket 2023 Schedule

Assam Premier League Cricket 2023 Schedule

The Assam Premier League has announced the cricket schedule for the upcoming 2023 season. This exciting yet long-awaited tournament will feature eight teams from the Assam region, comprising of both professional and amateur cricketers from the state.

The league is said to be conducted in a round-robin format with each team playing a total of seven matches. The league is said to take place over a span of nine days in the months of February and March. Fans will be able to witness the best of cricketing action as the regional teams compete for the Premier League title.

The opening match of the tournament will take place on February 15th in Jorhat Stadium. The home team of Jorhat will start the tournament by taking on the experienced players from the Assam team. This match is sure to be an exciting one as the stakes will be high with the title of Champions at stake.

The tournament is expected to have a huge impact on the local cricket scene in Assam. Not only will it boost the growth of the sport in the region, but also bring in new visitors and tourists for the event.

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Assam Premier League Cricket 2023 Points Table

The Assam Premier League (APL) is gearing up for its very first Cricket tournament in 2023. With the new season kicking off in October, the tournament is expected to bring some of the best cricket talent from the state of Assam.

The tournament consists of seven teams divided into two groups of three and four. Each team will play five matches in the group stage, before the top two teams from each group advance to the semi-final and the final. The teams that finish third and fourth in each group will play for the final fifth place.

The final points table for the season is here. Group A consists of Nagaon Knights, Jorhat Rangers and Sonitpur Stars, and are currently ranked as follows:

Nagaon Knights: 21 points
Jorhat Rangers: 17 points
Sonitpur Stars: 12 points

Group B comprises of Dibrugarh Super Kings, Tezpur Tigers, Guwahati Riders, and are currently ranked as follows:

Dibrugarh Super Kings: 19 points
Tezpur Tigers: 18 points
Guwahati Riders: 16 points

The teams that have qualified for the semi-finals are Nagaon Knights, Jorhat Rangers, Dibrugarh Super Kings, and Tezpur Tigers. The final is scheduled to take place on December 15th, 2023.

The Assam Premier League has been met with great excitement and anticipation, especially in the state of Assam. All eyes will be on the top teams as theyf compete for the top spot and the prestige of being crowned the Assam Premier League Cricket champions 2023.

Assam Premier Club Championship Cricket Live Score

The Assam Premier Club Championship Cricket tournament is currently underway, with a live score update available at the official website. Teams from ten clubs – among them Nichukalasan, MBT Cricout, and Lezar Cherans – are taking part in the tournament, which is being hosted by the Assam Cricket Association.

The matches are scheduled to finish on Saturday, with the playoffs to decide the winning side. Thus far, the matches have been hotly contested with each team showing eagerness to lay their hands on the championship trophy.

The Live Score section on the website is accessible to everyone and offers detailed information on the happenings of the tournament. With teams currently performing on their optimal level, the finals are sure to be an exciting affair.

The Assam Premier Club Championship Cricket tournament has opened up the doors for talented and young players from smaller towns in Assam to become a part of the main cricket league. This tournament has seen some remarkable performances by sheer talent, perhaps inspiring even more younger players to pursue the sport professionally.

Stay tuned to the Live Score page on the official website for updates on the outcomes of the championship matches and check out the Winners page for crowning of the champions.

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